Task 33 Grouphousing of pregnant sows

This task aims to develop and evaluate an e-learning tool to facilitate compliance with the environmental enrichment and tail docking requirements for finishing pigs in Directive 2008/120/EC. The EUWelNet team met in January in Sweden and in April in Vienna in order to agree the content and evaluation criteria. The team decided upon a short presentation containing pictures and videos of pig behaviour. The content of the tool was influenced by feedback from the 1st Advisory Board. The final draft of the e-learning tool was also sent to the Advisory Board and useful detailed feedback was received from 15 individuals or organisations. The tool is now available on web version which has been circulated to potential participants.  The on-line version has a built in evaluation method that will allow a quantitative before and after assessment. After one week 70 participants from a range of organisations (official inspectors, vets, farmers, certification bodies) and countries have enrolled on the tool. The tool has also been presented at the European Commission working group that aims to improve compliance with the directive. The Commission wish to use the tool as part of its guidance for suitable enrichment materials.